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b3 Coffee and Coffee By the Beans Announce a New Partnership

Our mission has always been to bring quality premium roasted coffee to the coffee-lovers of Adelaide, and we’re proud to announce that you can now enjoy our quality roast beans at our newly supplied partner in the western suburbs – coffee by the beans.

As a well-loved brand, coffee by the beans has been serving commuters, business meetings, social catch-ups and coffee lovers for years. Offering the perfect combination of great coffee and a positive, relaxing atmosphere, they have built a loyal and devoted fan-base. Owner, Ben, and roaster, Jack, have been customers since 2012 (since their schooling years).

The partnership is built on shared values of community, quality and the love for a good brew. This, with the long-established coffee brand wanting to work with someone local, allows us to together create a beautiful cup.

To ensure their customers would not be too shaken with the coffee change, we have worked closely with coffee by the beans to create a profile similar to what they’ve used previously and developed a unique “market blend” for their own brand. Likewise, they now have a rotating single-origin running for the milky drinkers. In addition to drinking these coffees in-store they are also available for retail purchase along with a range of other premium beans to suit your particular palate. 

Vincent, the owner of coffee by the beans, announced, “I’m proud of this relationship and I can’t wait to grow together.”

We’re just as excited to share our ethically sourced beans in more local places across the city, and thrilled to be working with one of Adelaide’s most beloved coffee connoisseurs. Try our coffee in coffee by the beans now, in Lockleys at the west side of the city.