Supporting farmers through Southland Merchants

Who are Southland Merchants?

Southland Merchants, founded by Andre and Nadia, is an Adelaide based coffee importer of specialty Brazilian coffee. Their focus as a business is on increasing traceability and sustainability of the coffee industry. They strive for these goals through several practices, one being developing personal relationships with their growers and another being able to connect their growers with Roasters. We can’t imagine a better business to partner with.

Project objectives

The project aims to help Brazilian farmers to...
  • Understand and assess their product through cupping
  • Develop business skills
  • Generate access to the international market

How you can help

To support this project we are donating $10 from every kilo of Tomas Eliodoro sold. The money will go towards helping growers in Brazil through this project. If you would like to know more about Southland Merchants, you can visit their website here.