Meet b3 Partner: Josh and Jordan from Scallywag Coffee

Josh and Jordan from Scallywag Coffee

Scallywag Coffee are the new kids on the block – bringing b3’s specialty coffee to the heart of Aberfoyle Park. Located inside Headquarters Barber Shop, Scallywag Coffee offers a great combination for lovers of fine coffee and fresh fades, serving  coffee to the public via their takeaway window and are available for event hire.

As valued partners of b3 Coffee, we recently asked Josh and Jordan a couple of questions:

As successful barbers, what inspired you to add a coffee service?

Josh: I have enjoyed coffee and the coffee-making process as a hobby for many years. As my passion for coffee has grown and as I saw an opportunity for specialty coffee in the area, we decided it would be a great addition to our barbershop and to Aberfoyle Park.

How did the name Scallywag Coffee come about?

Jordan: A 'scallywag' is traditionally meant as someone who is a bit of a rascal or mischievous but in a fun way. Pirates are often referred to as scallywags. We hope to bring some of that fun and mischief to the atmosphere of our shop, as well as incorporating some at-sea themes!

What has been your favourite part of the business journey so far?

Josh: Seeing people getting around and enjoying our coffee! It is a joy to serve new and regular customers with quality coffee that they love.

Scallywag Coffee serves takeaway coffee in Aberfoyle Park, South AustraliaScallywag Coffee inside Headquarters Barber Shop

What are you hoping for in the future for your businesses?

Jordan: We are hoping to keep serving people delicious coffee! In particular, we love bringing specialty coffee outside the traditional cafe space. We hope to continue to do more events with our portable cart, such as weddings, parties, and corporate events. We are also looking to bring Scallywag to our other barbershop located further south!

What do you both do for fun?

Josh: I enjoy trying out different coffee spots, going to the gym, and spending time with family and friends.

Jordan: Basketball, gym, and hanging with family and friends.

How do you enjoy your coffee at home?

Josh: A double shot latte, or piccolo if I am on my second or third for the day.

Jordan: I am a simple man, so it’s a latte for me.

Josh from Scallywag Coffeeb3 Beans available for purchase at Scallywag Coffee

Benji from Scallywag Coffee serving customers

If you’re looking for a barber, a place to get great coffee in Aberfoyle Park, or a coffee cart for your event, be sure to check out Scallywag Coffee.

Scallywag Coffee
5/5 Canberra Drive, Aberfoyle Parl SA 5159
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