Recipe guide

You can get the recipes for our coffees here

What is a recipe?

Just like you might use a recipe to prepare food, you can use a recipe to brew coffee. Recipes are useful because they allow you to make coffee the same way as someone else, and to replicate your own results when you find something you like. As you grow in coffee making skill, you can make small changes to your recipe which affect the taste of the coffee. Our amazing baristas have come up with recipes which we use in the shop. We want to share these recipes with you, so that you can have the same great experience at home.

How do you use a recipe?

There are two important words to know when it comes to recipes. These are dose and yield. Dose is the amount of coffee we use and yield is the amount of brewed coffee we end up with. We aim to hit a certain yield at a certain time and we make changes (or adjust variables) to achieve this.

Using an espresso recipe

Espresso recipes will look something like this...

22g dose, 32 second extraction, 45g yield

So we would start by grinding 22 grams of coffee (you will need a scale to know how much you have). Then we would tamp and pull a shot, measuring the time it takes to reach 45g in the cup. If it runs fast and we reach 45 grams before 32 seconds, you can change the grind size to be finer to slow things down. If it is too slow, you can change the grind size to be larger. In the end we will have put 22 grams of coffee in, and we will have gotten 45 grams out in 32 seconds.

Using a filter recipe

A filter recipe might give a look a little more complicated and be a little more involved but that is part of the fun of making filter coffee. A recipe might look like this...

Dose - 15g , Yield - 225g, Water temperature - 98

With filter we might consider more variables, such as water temperature. There also might be more instructions, which tell you what to do at each specific time. The recipe will tell you how much to pour, in how much time, how long to wait between each pour, and how many pours to do. There are apps you can get to help you to time this out, but you will need a scale to be able to do it.