About b3 Coffee

Where b3 Coffee began

With humble beginnings, b3 Coffee opened as a roast house in 2016. Ben Laakmann set up a store on the main street in Blackwood with a vision to roast and sell ethically sourced specialty-grade coffee. As demand and popularity grew, the roast house quickly evolved into a coffee shop – a place for you to try b3 Coffee in person.

Who we are today

Since then, b3’s roasting site has moved to Somerton Park, and, in 2018, the business welcomed Shana Knowles as co-owner of b3. Ben and Shana continue to actively work in the business alongside an incredible group of friendly, talented and passionate team members.

At b3, we are passionate about building an appreciation for high-quality coffee, educating fellow coffee-lovers, and continually creating ethical, sustainable and transparent business and environmental practices.

Our three core values are coffee, quality and community.

Our b3 Partners

Today, you can enjoy b3 Coffee at a number of wonderful cafes across South Australia and interstate. We work with our wholesale partners to ensure that any b3 partner you visit will provide the same delicious quality coffee and amazing service that you would expect to get from us.

Learn more about our wholesale partners here.

Say hello!

You can send us any questions or wholesale inquiries here. Alternatively, visit us in store, we love to chat.

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